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Child Nutrition

Child Nutrition Department - District

Angie Allen
Child Nutrition Manager  


Melissa Myers
Assistant Manager 
Leanne Lipscomb
Child Nutrition Assistant
Anne Fulp
Child Nutrition Assistant

Davie County Schools operates under the National Breakfast and Lunch Program. USDA has updated the school meal patterns, the first major overhaul in years.  School meals emphasis is on fresh fruits,vegetables and whole grains.  Sodium levels will be reduced in stages over the next 10 years.  Calorie ranges have been established based on grade groupings for breakfast and lunch.

All reimbursable school lunches selected by students must include a fruit or a vegetable.  Students can have unlimited fruits and vegetables choices on their first trip through the serving line at no cost.  To encourage variety, students can only choose one serving of a potato product.

Mega Entrees are not included in the meal price.  Mega Entree prices are $2.50 for Chicken and $3.00 for Pizza Mega Entrees. Mega Entrees will be served on a 2 lb. tray.

A wide variety of low sugar, reduced fat, whole grain and baked snacks are available.  Snacks are not included with the meal, but maybe purchased at an additional cost.

Checks written with blue/black ink are accepted.

6 - 8 = $ 1.10
6 - 12  = $2.70

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