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Amber Samuels, RN, BSN, NCSN
I was born in Boone, NC and grew up in Statesville, NC.  I graduated from West Iredell High School in 2001.  After high school, I went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  From there I worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse and then at a pediatric office as their nursing supervisor.  I started school nursing in August 2011 and earned my school nurse certification in July 2012.  I actively serve Cooleemee Elementary School and South Davie Middle School as their school nurse.  I have always wanted to be a school nurse and love being a school nurse in Davie County.  I enjoy the interaction with the children and I hope I make a difference in their day when they are injured or not feeling well or maybe just need a little TLC.

The most important people in my life are my family.  I am married to an amazing husband and we have a son, Austin.  I am also very close to my mom, dad, and brother.  They have all taught me a lot about life and shaped me into the person I am. My faith is also very important to me. God has blessed me in many ways and I believe my purpose in life is to serve Him by serving others.

Sabrina Hennelly, RN, BSN, NCSN. 
I have worked with Davie County Schools since January, 1999.  I have been a school nurse at Cooleemee Elementary, South Davie Middle School, William R Davie, William Ellis Middle School, Pinebrook Elementary and now, Mocksville Elementary.

Before coming to Davie County Schools, I worked as an Occupational Health Nurse. I have also worked in the GI lab, Recovery Room, ER, Outpatient Surgery and Neurology at Carolinas Medical Center, Gaston Memorial and Davie County Hospital.  I received my BSN at East Carolina University and my National Certification in School Nursing in December, 2002.

I am at South Davie Middle School on Mondays, and Mocksville Elementary Tuesday through Friday.  Please feel free to call, stop by or email any questions or concerns.

Prepare students to achieve their full potential through becoming responsible for their personal health decisions and practices. 
Promote a healthy environment.
Identify and correct health problems which are a deterrent to learning. 
Educate to prevent and support policies to control the spread of communicable diseases. 
Provide health education/services for students and school personnel. 
Promote the eight components of a comprehensive school health program. 

Head Lice 
Kathy Bokeno, RN, BSN, NBCSN 
Lead School Nurse, 751-7704, ext. 1090 
Central Davie Education Center 
Medical Advisor to School Health Staff
Dr. Clio Austin
Mocksville Pediatrics, 113 Market Place Drive, Mocksville, NC 27028