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☼Open House☼ K-5th•Grade•Thurs•Aug 23rd•4:30-7:30PM☼ ☼PRESCHOOL•Tues•Aug 21st•By Appt Only☼

☼Open House☼ K-5th•Grade•Thurs•Aug 23rd•4:30-7:30PM☼ ☼PRESCHOOL•Tues•Aug 21st•By Appt Only☼


Natalie Moore, BSN, RN, NCSN AKA “Nurse Natalie”
I graduated from Queens College in Charlotte, NC with a BS in Nursing.  I have over 20 years nursing experience, the majority of which has been in community/public health and family medicine.  I began working as a school nurse in Davie County Schools in August 2006 and obtained my national school nurse certification in January 2007.  I currently serve Pinebrook Elementary (M, W, F), North Davie Middle (T), and Ellis Middle (Th) schools.  I have a special interest in developmental pediatrics and exceptional children.  My job is very rewarding and always fun! No 2 days are ever the same!!  Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns!

Prepare students to achieve their full potential through becoming responsible for their personal health decisions and practices. 
Promote a healthy environment.
Identify and correct health problems which are a deterrent to learning. 
Educate to prevent and support policies to control the spread of communicable diseases. 
Provide health education/services for students and school personnel. 
Promote the eight components of a comprehensive school health program. 

Head Lice 
Kathy Bokeno, RN, BSN, NBCSN 
Lead School Nurse, 751-7704, ext. 1090 
Central Davie Education Center 
Medical Advisor to School Health Staff
Dr. Clio Austin
Mocksville Pediatrics, 113 Market Place Drive, Mocksville, NC 27028