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By focusing on the heart of students and parents, the Pinebrook community will create opportunities for our students and parents to reach their full potential, while encouraging them along the way.

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In June of 1968, the School Planning Committee and C. L. Vaughn and Associates, Architects and Engineers, proposed that Farmington School and Smith Grove School be combined into one school on a new site. The architects were of the opinion that it would not be practical to refurbish either building because of its age since Farmington School had been built in 1919 and Smith Grove in 1924.

Their study proposed a new building to house eighteen classrooms for 540 students for grades one through eight with supporting facilities such as a library, kitchen, heating, etc. This school was to provide for a maximum of 729 students.

The Davie County School Board appointed a committee composed of residents of the communities of Farmington and Smith Grove to select a site for the new school in August 1968.

In August, 1969, the site committee purchased 26.5 acres of farmland owned by Dr. and Mrs. C. W. Young. The acreage is located on Pinebrook Drive, which connects Highway 158 with Farmington Road in the northeast section of rural Davie County. Interstate 40 crosses Pinebrook drive approximately one-fourth mile from the location. The school would set in a scenic, healthful, pollution-free environment with easy access to the educational and cultural centers in Winston-Salem and Salisbury.

In November, 1969, the Board of Education adopted the name "Pinebrook" for the new school, taken from its location on Pinebrook Drive.

Experiments in team teaching, non-graded primary, and continuous progress began in the county in the mid 60's. Therefore, Pinebrook's floor plan was designed to accommodate team teaching in a large suite area.

In September of 1970, the opening of school was delayed one week so that the new Pinebrook School could be made ready to greet its first classes. Four hundred ninety-two students were expected. Five hundred twenty-two students enrolled with a faculty of twenty members.

At that time, Pinebrook housed six classrooms or suites of 3200 square feet each. Each suite was the home of 85-100 students with three or four teachers. The media center covered about 6300 square feet in the center of the building. There were no doors or barriers between suites and the media center. The school added a gymatorium, commons area, and an administrative suite to total a plan of 39,000 square feet. There was a kitchen, but no dining room because the students eat in their suites.

Due to the population growth in the Pinebrook School district and the funding of public kindergartens, Pinebrook added two additional suites of over 3,000 square feet each in the fall of 1975.

In the fall of 1978, a floor to ceiling divider was installed in each suite to provide for a more structured environment to meet the needs of some students who experienced difficulty in large group situations.

The Pinebrook School district continued to experience the most rapid population growth in Davie County throughout the 1970's. In 1978, the school district lines were redrawn to help alleviate the crowding at Pinebrook.

With the addition of two new junior high schools in Davie County, Pinebrook became a school for kindergarten through sixth grade in 1979.