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Mocksville Elementary School Title I Parental Involvement Policy

      Mocksville Elementary School believes that the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between parents and the school, since parents are the children’s first teachers.  There is a direct correlation between student’s academic achievement and parental involvement.  Mocksville Elementary School will strive to support parents and provide parents with opportunities to become involved in the programs offered.

     Each year at Open House parents will be given information detailing what it means to be a Title I school, how this benefits students and how Title I funds are spent.  A copy of Mocksville Elementary School’s Parent/Teacher/Student compact is available in the front office.  Teachers, parents and students will discuss and sign this compact each year.  The Title I compact will be reviewed by all parties as needed.

     Mocksville Elementary will involve parents in regular, two-way communication addressing student achievement and ensuring parents are involved in appropriate decision-making roles.

     Mocksville Elementary School Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed upon with parents as evidenced by meeting minutes.

Política de participación de los padres Título I de la escuela primaria Mocksville


     La escuela primaria Mocksville cree que la educación de los niños es una cooperación continua entre los padres y la escuela, ya que los padres son los primeros maestros de los niños. Existe una correlación directa entre el rendimiento académico del estudiante y la participación de los padres. La escuela primaria Mocksville se esforzará por apoyar a los padres y brindarles oportunidades para participar en los programas ofrecidos.

     Cada año en la inaguración (Open House), los padres recibirán información que detalla lo que significa ser una escuela de Título I, cómo beneficia a los estudiantes y cómo se gastan los fondos de Título I. Una copia del pacto de padres / maestros / estudiantes de la escuela primaria Mocksville está disponible en la oficina principal. Los maestros, padres y estudiantes discutirán y firmarán este pacto cada año. El acuerdo del Título I será revisado por todas las partes según sea necesario.

     La Primaria Mocksville involucrará a los padres en una comunicación bidireccional regular que aborde los logros de los estudiantes y garantice que los padres participen en los roles apropiados de toma de decisiones.

     La Política de Participación de los Padres de la Escuela Primaria Mocksville ha sido desarrollada conjuntamente y acordada con los padres como lo demuestran las minutas de la reunión.


Week of 11/11/2019


 First Grade


This week was a short week but huge amounts of learning took place at MES.  First grade has been learning about best friends at the end during Letterland time.  The students have met Firefighter Fred and Firefighter Frank in words like off, puff and huff.  The students remembered Sammy Snake and Sally Snake from kindergarten, in words like hiss, mess, and pass.  Finally the first graders met Lucy Lamplight and Linda Lamplight in words like bell, fill, and doll.  These Letterlanders help the first grade students to read and write.  In math, the children have been learning about measurement and they had lots of fun measuring a variety of objects but their absolute favorite thing was measuring with robots.  Yes, I said measuring with robots.  Mrs. Marklin came into the first grade classrooms and showed the students how to use the robotics robots.  After the lesson, she allowed the students to team up and begin measuring using the robots.  The kids LOVED it!  Every child was engaged in this hands-on fun-filled activity.  Also in math the students began a unit called comparing numbers.  During teacher directed reading time, the students have been using text features in books.  The students can name text features, tell what the text features do, and locate text features in books.  This was a struggle at first but it became a little easier the more the students practiced using the different text features.  


 Third Grade


Mrs. Doub's 3rd graders have been learning about life during Colonial Times.  We have read Your Life as a Settler in Colonial America and discussed the Main Idea of each section and the supporting details.  We have also tied this unit into our Social Studies lessons by comparing life today to life long ago.  The students have really enjoyed this unit.  




Physical Education at MES is going very well.  Students are excited, active and learning every day.  Through our taekwondo fundraiser, we were recently able to purchase some new equipment, including balance beams, balance boards, frisbee golf and much more.  Our students are learning that exercise is fun and will hopefully adapt this mindset in their everyday lives.  Upcoming activities include soccer, dance and gymnastics.




Week of 11/18/2019


Kindergarten recently went on a field trip to Lazy 5 Ranch. They saw lots of exotic animals and were able to feed them. One of the favorites was a baby joey in the mama kangaroo’s pouch. They were also able to see a baby deer that had just been born. Everyone also loved feeding the giraffes. They all had a great time. 

Kindergarten classes continue to work hard.  In reading they are busy learning their letters and sounds and meeting the Letterland characters.  They are learning the characters and setting of fiction stories and retelling the beginning, middle, and end.  In nonfiction books they are learning to find the main idea and key details.  In math they are working on numbers to 10 and 2D and 3D shapes.  Their writing is improving every day!  They are excited for Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas! 

First Grade

Ms. Mathis’ first grade class is learning about our 5 senses. We went outside to complete a 5 senses nature walk. Students drew pictures of things they could see, touch, hear, smell and taste. Students enjoyed looking at the beautiful leaves that have changed color and hearing the sound of rain. 

Mrs. Southern’s and Mrs. Pruitt’s first grade students have been learning about how to identify and use text features when they read. They have learned about bold print, headings, table of contents, index, glossary, captions, labels, and various types of graphic illustrations. They have also been learning Letterland phonics and are currently learning about “best friends at the end” such as words that end in “ss”, “ll”, and “ff”.

In math, students have just completed a unit on nonstandard measurement. They are now studying comparing numbers. The students use their place value knowledge to compare the tens and ones in a number to decide if numbers are less than, greater than, or equal to a number.

Students work also work in guided reading groups to improve on decoding and comprehension. 

 Second Grade

Second grade has started the second quarter of School. Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes is one of our second quarter math standards. We introduced telling time by building an analog clock on the floor using a holla hoop, clock hands, numbers, and cubes for tick marks. Students did an amazing job making a clock and developing teamwork skills at the same time. Way to go Mrs. Whitesell’s class!

Third Grade

Mrs. Wyatt's 3rd Grade Class is working on addition and subtraction within 1,000 using a variety of strategies.  Kids have enjoyed seeing that there are multiple ways to solve math problems.  Students are also learning about living during the colonial times and how times have changed over the years. 

Fourth Grade

4th graders started learning about text structures this week and how authors “build” their writing in different ways to help readers better understand problem and solution, cause and effect, sequence, compare and contrast, and descriptions. In math we have jumped right in with learning about different multiplication and division strategies. We have used area model and partial products for multiplication. Recently, we just learned partial quotients to help solve division problems. These strategies are lengthy and take time, but are the best practice for helping students master multiplication and division concepts. In Social Studies, we are learning about early colonization and the settlement of North Carolina. One fun fact we learned is that Carolina means “Land of Charles”. 


The Learning Lab has been busy with student using their Growth Mindsets to figure out puzzles.  Each grade has their own challenges and students really get excited when they figure out a new level. Kinders have been “popping” bubbles and “dropping” jellies in fun color matching games.  First and Second graders have been figuring out how to get water to the flowers in fun puzzles like “Let me Grow” and “Plumber Puzzle.” Third, fourth and fifth graders have been challenged with puzzles that use physics and clues to move to the next level. Students are using “I can keep trying” growth mindsets instead of “this is hard” mindsets.  Ask your student about computer lab time.

Week of 01/06/2020          Third Grade News

3rd grade students enjoyed learning about Christmas Around the World during the month of December.  Students learned about the different ways the countries celebrate Christmas, including their food, songs, and culture.  Students also were able to experience a Moravian Love Feast lead by Mrs. Marklin.  Third graders learned about the Moravian tradition which tied into our field trip to Bethabara in November.  Third grade enjoyed a pajama day to go along with our Read-a-Latte Read-a-Thon.  After the break, students have been enjoying learning about cause and effect relationships in the non-fiction text Volcanos.  In math, students have continued practicing multiplication and division strategies.  

Week of 01/12/2020

Second Grade News

 Second grade enjoyed a field trip this week to Mrs. Hanes' Homemade Cookies in Clemmons.  Students had a tour of the bakery and loved taste testing their oh so yummy cookies.  The educational focus of our field trip was economics and how society interacts as producers (the bakery) and consumers (customers that get to enjoy the cookies).  It was a wonderful field trip.