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Daily Announcements


Mrs. Yount and Mrs. Souther's Kindergarten class has been busy.  They have been enjoying both fiction and nonfiction books about weather and learning about the different kinds of weather.  They graph the weather each day and analyze the information.  They continue to love adding and subtracting word problems.  They are learning to add and subtract so they will be ready for first grade.  They are looking forward to a field trip soon.  They will be busy learning about insects and the butterfly's life cycle to be ready for their field trip.   

  First Grade

Ms. Mathis' class had a wonderful spring break but everyone is glad to be back! This week we read the book, "Wemberly Worried" by Kevin Henkes. Wemberly worried about everything but she was especially worried about her first day of school! Our class talked about how we were excited but also nervous about the first day of school, so we could relate to Wemberly. In the end Wemberly made a new friend and wasn't so worried. As a class we talked about the story and answered written comprehension questions. We also talked about the importance of being a good friend to everyone. We loved the book, "Wemberly Worried"!

Second Grade

Second graders enjoy hands on science in the Spring with life cycles. Mrs. Whitesell's class incubated 14 eggs for 21 days in her classroom. They candled the eggs every 3-4 days to see the growth process. Through candling, her class predicted they had 14 healthy eggs. They were right! After 21 days the class was able to see the great joy of chick's hatching. Even better was when the students got to hold and play with the chicks. The class also created an observation and research booklet of the chicken life cycle. The grand finally of life cycles is the "4-H Farm Animal Day" when the second graders get to visit Eatons Farm. Many of Mrs. Whitesell's student had never been to a farm of even seen farm animals before. It was a wonderful opportunity for the students to learn about animals, life cycles, farm life, and how farms impact their everyday life.  A BIG thank you to the 4-H and volunteers that ran the 13 stations on Davie County's Farm Animal Day!

 Third Grade

Mrs. Wyatt's third grade class has been working diligently on a research project. Students were told that a large food production and distribution company wants to expand into different countries in South America. The president of the company assigned each group a country, and they had to create a presentation to persuade the president to expand into that area. Students had to research the natural resources, foods and livestock, and the topography of their country. Using this knowledge, they then designed a product that they could produce and distribute. Students have been utilizing Google Classroom as they collaborate with each other to create a PowerPoint. 

 Fourth Grade

 Mrs. McKnight's 4th graders have been learning about the metric and customary system of measurement.  Students enjoyed used scales and weights to measure common classroom items.  In reading, students have been improving their inference skills while reading and learning about the Wright Brothers.  Students started exploring North Carolina's government in preparation for our Raleigh field trip.  

 Fifth Grade

Mrs. Miles’ class had a great spring break and we are ready to finish out the year strong! We started reading a novel this week called Woods Runner. This novel goes along with our social studies unit on the Revolutionary War. So far, we are really enjoying the novel! In math, we are working on converting measurements. We are working on conversions in the customary and metric systems. We toured South Davie recently and learned a lot of things about our new school for next year! We are all excited about moving onto middle school and the fun events that we still have ahead this year!



Mocksville Elementary was host to ALL Davie County Fifth graders for their annual field day on Friday April 28th. Fifth graders enjoyed races and fun activities like tug-of-war while also getting to hang out with friends and have lunch on the lawn.  It was great seeing so many friends having so much fun!!!!


Basketball Camp Form (PDF)
Shooting and Player Development Camp - 
Advanced Instruction

  • Participation Limit 36 Campers (Boys and Girls)
  • Rising 6th thru 12th Grade
  • June 19 - 21
  • 5:00 – 7:00 pm
  • $60.00 / Camper
  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Skill Development Sessions with Coach Absher / Staff
  • Shooting Technique
  • Emphasis on Individual Player Development

   Day Camp

  • Participation Limit - None
  • Rising 1st thru Rising 9th Grade
  • July 24 - 27
  • 9:00 am – 3:00 pm
  • $100.00 / Camper
  • Camp T-Shirt
  • Daily Lectures with War Eagle Staff
  • Learn Basic Offensive and Defensive Fundamentals
  • Learn Rules and Terminology
  • Games, Contests and Prizes
  • Championship - Thursday, July 27th (Parents Welcome!)


  • Coach Mike Absher - Men’s Head Varsity Coach, Davie High
  • Davie County Staff
  • Former & Current - Varsity / College Players
  • Guest Speakers

    The goal of our camp is to provide each camper with a positive, fun-filled learning experience. The camps are designed to teach your child the fundamentals of basketball and give them game experience.