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Wednesday, October 30, 2019 - Davie County Schools Honor Our Veterans

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Thursday, October 17, 2019 - Request for Proposal | Frozen Beverage Products

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DCHS Football and Basketball Admission now $7

Effective immediately, Davie County High School admission prices will increase from $6 to …

Monday, June 3, 2019 - Request for Proposal | Fresh Produce

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Daily Announcements

Week of 10/07/2019

 First Grade

First graders have been working on finding the main idea.  If we gave them clues like look around the leaves are changing, the weather is getting a bit cooler, and signs of Halloween are found throughout the stores then most of our students can guess that the main idea is Fall or Fall is here.  Miss Hendrix's first grade class has enjoyed these kind of guessing games and mystery bags as they have learned about main idea.  The simple reading passages have been easy for them to use their tricks and figure out the main idea.  They have learned to use text features like the title and any headings or pictures they see, as well as listening for repeated words and rereading the first and last sentences to find the main idea.  In math, the students finished up Part 1 of our subtracting unit and began Part 1 of our place value unit.  With place value, they are starting simple and building upon that to understand exactly what place value is.  First graders begin by learning to circle groups of ten and count by 10.  Next they learn about base ten blocks and how one cube = one unit, 10 cubes makes 1 long which is 1 group of 10.  They get to practice these concepts using the base ten blocks, smart board activities, and a couple of online learning games.  The students enjoy using the base ten blocks and games/activities they are doing in class.  In Letterland this week the First Grade students are learning about-ut, -ug, and -un.  The students can sort the words into word family groups and several of our words have an s on the end and the students can distinguish between the s saying /s/ and the s saying /z/. Way to go first graders, you are doing great!

 Third Grade

Third grade students in Mrs. Wyatt's class have been learning about being an entrepreneur.  They learned about some famous North Carolina companies that were started by entrepreneurs.  After learning the basics, the students teamed up and chose a foreign country to learn about.  They researched the topography, natural resources, and agriculture for their country.  Creativity peaked as the teams designed a product to "pitch" to the head of a company.  Watch out business world!  Your future is looking bright!

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students at MES spent October 11, 2019 at Dan Nicholas Park.  It was a beautiful day spent gem mining, learning about rocks and minerals, exploring animal adaptations, and viewing animals in their habitat.  Students enjoyed this field trip and were able to learn through hands on experiences.  

Week of 10/14/2019


We are having a ton of fun learning in Mrs. Hinkle's kindergarten class! We have been learning all about 2D shapes and even got to build some using Popsicle sticks and Play-Doh! In reading we are learning about poetry and continuing our journey through Letterland. We love learning and are looking forward to what we will learn next!

First Grade

Ms. Mathis’ first grade class is learning how to practice our spelling words in spelling centers! We have loved learning about digraphs in Letterland like “sh”, “wh” and “th”. We have also been talking about our very important vowels! 

Second Grade

Second grade had a wonderful field trip last week to the Greensboro Science Center. Life cycles are one of second grade’s major science standard. Greensboro Science Center provided a wonderful opportunity to observe life cycles of many animals. It was a gorgeous day and fun time was had by all!

Third Grade

Mrs. Doub's 3rd graders are currently reading fables.  This week we read the story What About Me? and practiced recounting and finding the lesson the author ways trying to convey.  In math, we are wrapping up our unit on Graphing.  Students have collected data, created frequency tables, bar graphs, and picture graphs.  In Science, our class has traveled to Mrs. Powers' class to learn about the Solar System. 


Mrs. Wall's fifth graders are finishing the book, Hatchet.  The students enjoyed reading about a boy who learned to survive in the wilderness on his own.  They created a timeline of his later life.  In math, the students are practicing multiplication and division strategies.  The fourth graders are reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  The students created and illustrated a new room for the candy factory and decided what new kind of candy would be made in this room.  In math, the students are learning how to solve multi-step word problems with the four operations.  The third graders are reading Ramona the Pest.  They have enjoyed reading about Ramona and all of her adventures.  

Week of 10/21/2019

First Grade

The students in Mrs. Spach’s and Mrs. Randall’s class are working on understanding non-fiction text.  Students are learning the characteristics of non-fiction books including what text features are. In Science we are continuing to talk about animals and their habitats.  We have studied animals around the world and those that live in North Carolina.  We are also looking at how these animals may have to adapt to their environment. In Math we are working with missing addends in word problems.  Students are learning different ways to solve word problems.  

Fourth Grade

This week in Mrs. Parker's class we have been talking about weather tools and clouds.  We did a science experiment where we made a cloud in a jar.  The students really enjoyed watching this happen.  In math we have been working on dividing whole numbers using partial quotient and area model.  In reading we have been working on using context clues to figure out the meaning of unknown words.  In Social Studies, the students have been using scholastic news to learn about a girl named, Mari that is working hard to help people in Flint, Michigan have fresh and uncontaminated water.  

Week of 10/28/2019

First Grade

In Mrs. Byerly and Mrs. Hunter’s first grade we have been working hard to end the quarter strong! In reading, we have been working on identifying text features and common/proper nouns. In math, we just finished up place value and completed our 1st quarter math assessment. The students have loved learning about forces of motion and magnets. We also have worked on narrative writing and creating those small moments! We cannot wait to see how much growth these students will make in the next quarter! Stay tuned.... 

Second Grade

Second graders have been busy wrapping up the quarter.  Math review was a focus in preparing for the first quarter benchmark.  Writing has been enhanced using adjectives. Students also worked with Mrs. Marklin using the book Chalk to write a narrative story with beginning-middle-end along with transition words.  Scholastic News helped in applying text feature practice.  Energy was high with Hallloween anticipation even with rain in the forecast.  

Third Grade

Mrs. Fletcher's third graders are reading fables and learning about the central message. The students have learned that a fable is fiction, usually has animals in it that talk and act like humans, short story that teaches us a moral or a lesson. The class has enjoyed reading The Ant and the Grasshopper, The Boy Who Cried Wolf, The Fox and the Stork, and The Stork and the Pebble. The students paired up and discussed the story elements of each fable and determined the central message.

The class is learning about base ten blocks, expanded form and number line method for addition. The students have been practicing these methods on their white boards with markers. The students competed boys against the girls to see who could complete the most correct answers. The class is learning these different strategies for addition problems just like they learned multiplication strategies earlier in the year. 

To finish out the week, the participated in a Halloween read-a-thon on October 31st. The student read spooky, scary stories and answered key questions about the characters, plot, problem, solution, and setting. The students enjoyed a spooky snack as they read. HAPPY HALLOWEEN !!!!

Fourth Grade

This week in Fourth grade we completed our first rotation of Science classes. The students seem to really enjoy visiting a new classroom learning about science. This week our focus was on Text Features, and we learned a lot about how they help us understand nonfiction texts. In math we furthered our understanding of place value and comparing numbers. On Friday we had a blast at the Dunk Show! Especially those students that got to meet the players!


Students at Mocksville Elementary are working hard over the next few weeks.  On November 7, our third, fourth, and fifth grade students will sing “America the Beautiful” for the Veteran’s Day assembly.  Our fifth Grade students will also sing a medley of all of the armed forces themes.

Second grade students are working on how to listen to their own performances and supply their own feedback.  They use a plus/delta chart to talk about what is positive about their performance, and what they would like to change to make their performance better.

First Grade students are working on rhythmic exercises in class.  They are learning how to clap rhythms in time through an assortment of rhythm games.

Kindergarten students are working on the concept of melody and how the notes in music can go up and down in pitch.  They are working hard to master a steady beat in their music through singing, movement, and playing instruments.

Mocksville Elementary School Title I Parental Involvement Policy

      Mocksville Elementary School believes that the education of children is an ongoing cooperative partnership between parents and the school, since parents are the children’s first teachers.  There is a direct correlation between student’s academic achievement and parental involvement.  Mocksville Elementary School will strive to support parents and provide parents with opportunities to become involved in the programs offered.

     Each year at Open House parents will be given information detailing what it means to be a Title I school, how this benefits students and how Title I funds are spent.  A copy of Mocksville Elementary School’s Parent/Teacher/Student compact is available in the front office.  Teachers, parents and students will discuss and sign this compact each year.  The Title I compact will be reviewed by all parties as needed.

     Mocksville Elementary will involve parents in regular, two-way communication addressing student achievement and ensuring parents are involved in appropriate decision-making roles.

     Mocksville Elementary School Parental Involvement Policy has been developed jointly with, and agreed upon with parents as evidenced by meeting minutes.

Política de participación de los padres Título I de la escuela primaria Mocksville


     La escuela primaria Mocksville cree que la educación de los niños es una cooperación continua entre los padres y la escuela, ya que los padres son los primeros maestros de los niños. Existe una correlación directa entre el rendimiento académico del estudiante y la participación de los padres. La escuela primaria Mocksville se esforzará por apoyar a los padres y brindarles oportunidades para participar en los programas ofrecidos.

     Cada año en la inaguración (Open House), los padres recibirán información que detalla lo que significa ser una escuela de Título I, cómo beneficia a los estudiantes y cómo se gastan los fondos de Título I. Una copia del pacto de padres / maestros / estudiantes de la escuela primaria Mocksville está disponible en la oficina principal. Los maestros, padres y estudiantes discutirán y firmarán este pacto cada año. El acuerdo del Título I será revisado por todas las partes según sea necesario.

     La Primaria Mocksville involucrará a los padres en una comunicación bidireccional regular que aborde los logros de los estudiantes y garantice que los padres participen en los roles apropiados de toma de decisiones.

     La Política de Participación de los Padres de la Escuela Primaria Mocksville ha sido desarrollada conjuntamente y acordada con los padres como lo demuestran las minutas de la reunión.