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Daily Announcements


Kindergarten is excited to celebrate 100 days in school! We are making special hats and counting to 100! Many of our classmates are now in the 100 club. The club consists of people who can count to 100 with no mistakes. We all hope to be in the club by the end of the year so we can celebrate!

Mrs. Rosier's class is enjoying their 5th grade reading buddies. Each week the 5th grade buddies come into the classroom to read, write, or play with their little buddies. It is fun for all!

1st Grade

Ms. Mathis' class is excited about the 100th day of school and Vanentines Day coming up! To get ready for this, students worked together to make 100 "hearts" explaining why they love their school and first grade! All 100 hearts will be hung up in the hallway for everyone to see! Many students put they love their because they enjoy reading, iPads, their teachers and enhancements. 

2nd Grade

Mrs. Whitesell"s class along with the rest of MES second grade is in the mist (no pun intended) of studying weather. Mrs. Whitesell's students are learning about weather by gathering facts and putting them into a weather lap book. The lap book is interactive and makes a fun way to learn about weather. Once completed they will have covered all of the required NC standards for weather. Maybe one of her students will grow up and become a meteorologist.

3rd Grade

Do you know the significance of the drinking gourd? Third graders at MES have begun a study of the Underground Railroad. Students are learning about what life was like in the 1800s. Students are divided into groups and each group is responsible for learning about historical events and people. Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Henry "Box" Brown,  and Abraham Lincoln are just a few important figures that students are being exposed to. 

  4th Grade

Fourth graders at Mocksville Elementary have been busy this week.  They continue to learn about fractions, mixed numbers, and improper fractions.  Students were excited to use the Chromebooks to complete a fraction review before testing on what they had learned.  In reading, students are reading various novel and reviewing skills learned thus far this year. 

5th Grade

Mrs. Strickland's fifth graders are learning about the thirteen colonies.  We are sorting all of them into the three main regions and studying the land and climate of each area.  In math, we are continuing to learn about fractions.  The students learned a cool trick for adding and subtracting unlike denominators called The Butterfly.  Valentine's Day is around the corner and we are all excited about our Valentine's bags and Early Release!

 Mrs. Lemmons Class

We are gearing up for our Special Olympics to be held Feb 21st.  This week we have been practicing our basketball skills so that we can bring some ribbons back to MES.  We are so excited about our upcoming outing and can’t wait to represent our school.