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Daily Announcements

First Grade

First grade students have been working tremendously hard over the past month.  They have battled inconstant schedules and have overcome the challenge.  Last week students completed a math unit that consisted of building and ordering numbers.  Students are beginning to move from the concrete stage of adding tens and ones to a number to the representational and abstract stages.  Base ten blocks have been a great tool for students.  They make math more concrete for all learners. 

In reading, first grade students have been using text features to help them understand a text.  Informational texts on a variety of topics have been used to help understand text features.  Thanks to some extra financial support provided by a donor, Scholastic News has also been used to teach text features during Teacher Directed Reading.  Students all have access to the same text and text features. Students have also used Kagan group strategies to work together to answer questions from the Scholastic News texts.

 Third Grade

The third graders at Mocksville Elementary school were excited to get a visit from Mr. Mike Hendrix. Mr. Hendrix came and spoke with them about the importance of a dictionary and how to use it. He highlighted various sections for the students. Some of their favorites were learning about our presidents, different states and countries. The most excited part was when Mr. Hendrix showed the students where they could find the longest / biggest words. Their favorite is SUPERCALIFRAGILISTICEXPIALIDOCIOUS. Each student received a new dictionary from the Mocksville Rotary Club, which was handed out by rotary member Mrs. Barabara Owens.

Fourth Grade

Fourth grade students have been learning about theme in reading.  They have read stories and books and listened to songs to determine the theme of the text.  In math, students are busy learning about fractions.  The students are studying about rocks and minerals in science.  They have learned about the rock cycle, weathering, and erosion.    


Fifth Grade

On January 25th Mocksville Elementary celebrated their first ever All Pro Dad's Day. All Pro Dad's Day is designed to promote the active involvement of fathers in the lives of their young children. All Pro Dad's Day features a breakfast one day a month when dads have an opportunity to spend quality time with their child. Dads were able to share with the crowd why they were proud of their son/daughter. Over 90 people came out to our first event and were able to enjoy coffee, chicken biscuits and chicken minis from Chick Fil A in Clemmons. Thanks to Chick Fil A for sponsoring out first event. Our next one will take place on February 22nd at 6:45am. Contact Mr. Shepherd at shepherdk@davie.k12.nc.us if you have any questions or would like to help sponsor a breakfast or door prizes.


RSVP at: https://allprodadsday.com/chapters/10869


Basketball Camp - Boys and Girls
Rising 1st - 9th Grade
June 25th - 28th

Soccer Camp - Boys and Girls
Ages 5 - 12
June 18th - 22nd

Baseball Camp - Boys
Ages 6 - 15
June 18th - 21st

Volleyball Camp - Girls
More information is coming soon!