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Davie County Early College High School (DCECHS) is intended to provide successful, challenging, and meaningful experiences for students who may or may not be reaching their potential. While students benefit from an accelerated academic program, the school’s mission is particularly focused on students who are first generation college completing, at risk for dropping out of high school, and/or historically underrepresented in college populations.

The graph below contains demographic information for our school for the 2015-2016 school year.

 District-level data comes from the ncdpi website. Not all data for schools is available. School-level data aggregated by the school counselor. 17-18 School Stats.png

DCECHS is designed to assist students who might never be able to attain a college education through a traditional pathway. Students are strongly encouraged to contine college after graduating and earn a 4-year degree. See the below charts for information about last year's graduates:

17 EC Grads.png 

EC Grades to Colleges.png

Davie County Early College High School (DCECHS) students graduate in 4, 4½ or 5 years with a high school diploma (28 units minimum) and an Associate's degree (60 hours minimum) or transferable college credits. Most high school courses are considered both college preparatory and honors level on student transcripts, with grades weighted one quality point higher than non-honors courses. The table below lists current high school and college requirements. Courses in parentheses are either required or most commonly taken by DCECHS students.

High School requirements in units

4 English (Eng IH, Eng IIH, ENG 232 American Literature II*, and ENG 241 British Literature I*)

4 Math (Math I, IIH, IIIH, MAT 143 Quantitative Literacy* or MAT 152 Statistical Methods*)

4 Social Studies (Amer. His: Civics & EconomicsH, World HistoryH,and HIS 131 American History I* and 132 American History II*) 

3 Science (Earth and Environmental ScienceH, Physical Science, BiologyH* & CHM 131/131A Introduction to Chemistry*)

1 Health/Physical Education (HEA 110 Health and Wellness*, PED 111 Physical Fitness I*)

DCCC Associate in Arts degree requirements in credit hours

6 English*

8 Math*

12 Social Science*

8 Natural Science*

2 PED/Health*

6 Foreign Language*

12 Humanities*

9+ Elective credit hours*

 * These courses are specific dual enrollment courses for which students receive both college and high school credit. All college coursework fulfills some high school graduation requirement.

H Receive honors level high school credit.