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Hispanic Students/College & Scholarship Information

Being an undocumented student does not mean that you cannot attend college.  There will be challenges, but your counselors are able and prepared to help you navigate these challenges.  Please make an appointment with your Student Services counselor so we can assist you.

Helpful links for scholarship resources:

MALDEF (Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund)
Listing of current scholarships for Hispanic students, immigrant students, and undocumented students.  
Click here for the list. 

College access guide for undocumented youth
 Click here for the guide 

College Help for Undocumented Students
Explanation of rights and opportunities based on your status
Click here for the information 

 Hispanic Scholarship Fund
Several different scholarships with different deadlines 
 Click here for the application. 

 Adelante Education Coalition
Contains updates and links to scholarships for Latino students in North Carolina
Click here for the link 

Other College and Scholarship Resources

 This is a searchable database of merit scholarships.  You will need to contact each college directly to find out if they award merit scholarships to non-resident immigrant students.
Click here for the link.