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Schedule Repairs

Process to Request a Schedule Repair
Talk with a Counselor in Student Services (by phone or in person)
Complete the green Course Change Request Form
Return Form Signed by Parent and Student to Student Services 

If there is mistake on your schedule when you pick it up, please notify Student Services at 336-751-5905 .  Most repairs can be handled by phone. 

You are also welcome to stop by the Student Services office.  
Students will be served on a first come, first served basis. 
If you want a personal conference, please be aware that students with appointments will be given priority.  

Schedule Repairs Include the Following
You were placed in the incorrect level of a class.
Your classes are overloaded in one semester with too many core classes (classes need to be balanced between fall and spring semesters.)
No other changes to a student’s schedule can be made.  

Note:  SCHOOL DEBTS must be cleared before schedules are picked up