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School Improvement Team

School Improvement Team Bylaws: Davie County High School

SIT Committee Members 

Doyle Nicholson,  Principal
Erin Brown, SIT Chair Student Services  elected 5/27/2015

Members Elected 10/9/2014

Debbie Evans - P.E. Dept. 
Darla Goldfuss - CTE Dept. 
Sarabeth Holbert - Media (9/9/2015)
Jessica Holbrook - Arts/Foreign Lang./ESL 
Lisa Kenney - Math Dept. 
Hugh Lee - Technology 
Kathryn Edminson - English Dept. 
Morgan Narron - Science Dept. 
Michael Pruitt - Social Studies (9/9/2015)
Jeff Clark - Parent Representative (10/24/2016)

Ann Davis - Technology (9/9/2015)
Erica Stark - English Dept. (9/9/2015)

SIT Committee Meeting Dates

The committee meets the 4th Wednesday of every month.

SIT Goals

Goal 1: Increase the number of students meeting benchmarks on end of year testing and the ACT that indicate College and Career Readiness by 5%.

Strategy 1: School-wide focus on test taking skills and content literacy to make sure scores are reflective of what students know and not just a marker of test performance.
Strategy 2: Increase number of students successfully taking the ACT during their Junior year.
Strategy 3: Assist students in understanding their many different options after high school and the pathways to achieve those goals.

Goal 2: Work towards eliminating the achievement gap that exists between Davie High's various subgroup populations as indicated on end of year testing.

Strategy 1: Work towards a higher level of engagement with students and families in subgroup populations.
Strategy 2: Work towards a higher level of engagement with students in subgroup populations with the purpose of increasing content achievement.