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☼Open House☼ K-5th•Grade•Thurs•Aug 23rd•4:30-7:30PM☼ ☼PRESCHOOL•Tues•Aug 21st•By Appt Only☼

☼Open House☼ K-5th•Grade•Thurs•Aug 23rd•4:30-7:30PM☼ ☼PRESCHOOL•Tues•Aug 21st•By Appt Only☼


Amber Samuels, RN, BSN, NCSN
I was born in Boone, NC and grew up in Statesville, NC.  I graduated from West Iredell High School in 2001.  After high school, I went to the University of North Carolina at Charlotte where I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in nursing.  From there I worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care nurse and then at a pediatric office as their nursing supervisor.  I started school nursing in August 2011 and earned my school nurse certification in July 2012.  I actively serve Cooleemee Elementary School and South Davie Middle School as their school nurse.  I have always wanted to be a school nurse and love being a school nurse in Davie County.  I enjoy the interaction with the children and I hope I make a difference in their day when they are injured or not feeling well or maybe just need a little TLC.

The most important people in my life are my family.  I am married to an amazing husband and we have a son, Austin.  I am also very close to my mom, dad, and brother.  They have all taught me a lot about life and shaped me into the person I am. My faith is also very important to me. God has blessed me in many ways and I believe my purpose in life is to serve Him by serving others.

Prepare students to achieve their full potential through becoming responsible for their personal health decisions and practices. 
Promote a healthy environment.
Identify and correct health problems which are a deterrent to learning. 
Educate to prevent and support policies to control the spread of communicable diseases. 
Provide health education/services for students and school personnel. 
Promote the eight components of a comprehensive school health program. 

Head Lice 
Kathy Bokeno, RN, BSN, NBCSN 
Lead School Nurse, 751-7704, ext. 1090 
Central Davie Education Center 
Medical Advisor to School Health Staff
Dr. Clio Austin
Mocksville Pediatrics, 113 Market Place Drive, Mocksville, NC 27028