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School Matters - Monday, February 12, 2018

School Matters - Monday, February 12, 2018

If you walk into Teresa Carter’s second-grade classroom at Cooleemee Elementary School, you’ll see anchor charts, hands-on materials, student work, and all sorts of things that support teaching and learning. You’ll hear Mrs. Carter challenge students with questions that push them to think critically and problem-solve, and you might hear her say (with a huge smile), “You guys can do it! You’re awesome!”
Mrs. Carter wants her classroom to be a warm, encouraging home for her student family. She believes that every child is unique and capable of learning, and she strives to be a mentor who builds positive relationships with students as she facilitates meaningful lessons and supports their growth. Likewise, she recognizes the value of community and collaboration among educators. She opens her classroom door to visitors and teaching colleagues, and she loves the opportunity to stretch beyond her classroom and learn from others.
Mrs. Carter began her career in education as a teacher assistant while she finished her teaching degree at Salem College, and she later earned her Master’s from Western Governors University. Now a 10-year veteran teacher, Mrs. Carter has experience as Grade Chair, Robotics Coach, and SIT Co-Chair. She has also helped organize Cooleemee Elementary family events and mentored several interns and student teachers.
She is a leader in the community as well, involved with Cooleemee Civitans, Davie County 4-H summer camps, and Family Promise of Davie County. Mrs. Carter makes such a positive impact on students’ lives, and she says that she feels privileged to work with young students and their families. “Watching a child’s furrowed brow of confusion and wonder change to a smile of understanding is one of the most rewarding visions in a teacher’s life.”
Congratulations and special thanks to Mrs. Teresa Carter, Davie County’s District Teacher of the Year!
Class Size Update
We have been working with the North Carolina Association of School Administrators, and a number of other superintendents across the state, to propose to the legislature several potential solutions to address the class size issue created in previous legislation. Superintendents have provided data to the legislature that reflect how the new class size mandate affects every district in the state. The analysis of this data has shown legislative leadership how the teacher position allotment funds have been used to fund both regular and enhancement (Art, Music, PE, etc.) teachers. Lowering K-3 class size, which is a priority of the General Assembly, without additional adequate funding would result in higher class sizes in grades 4-12 or force the reduction of enhancement teaching positions.
I am pleased to share that Senate and House leaders were willing to work with school leaders in developing new legislation to ensure that school districts across the state have a viable solution to concerns we have expressed. This new legislation, HB90, provides a four-year phase-in timeline for reducing class sizes in kindergarten through third grade, while simultaneously ensuring adequate funding and support for continuing essential instruction provided by our enhancement teachers.
In Davie County Schools, we have always been in compliance with the state class size requirements. We will adjust our staffing in K-3 over the next several years according to the new class size mandates. I want to thank our legislative delegation, Representative Julia Howard, and Senator Dan Barrett, for contacting me to better understand how the law affected schools in our community. They both have effectively advocated for a practical solution that will both lower class size over time and ensure our students have a well-balanced education. We can now plan K-3 staffing for 2018-19 with confidence.
For more details on the history of the class size issue and the new law, click here.


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