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School Matters - May 8, 2014

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Voters Approve One New Davie County High School

A Special Message from Dr. Hartness 
By now, you all have heard the news. The School Bond passed 54% to 46%.  My phone and email have blown up, so if I have not responded to you, I will do my best to catch up over the next few days!
I want to thank our community for getting out to vote this week. This primary set a record for the most votes in a primary election in Davie County. A debate that has divided this community for over a decade has been put to rest. The decisions made by the people were monumental and today is a new day in Davie County. The events of this week will be talked about for decades and will go down in the history books of Davie County. 
If there were concerns about local support for public education, I think you can put those concerns aside. In past school bond elections that have failed, voters clearly stated what they did not want. This week, voters clearly stated what they did want, one new high school. The 12+-year debate over the high school has been settled, whether folks agree or disagree on the outcome; the debate is over and we are moving ahead. 
There have been thousands of people on both sides of the election who have dedicated their time and resources toward what they felt would be best for the future of Davie County and Davie County Schools. I am grateful for their passion. I want to thank our leadership team, principals, and staff who have answered hundreds of questions and inquiries, and pulled together information to share with our community during this election cycle. 
I want to thank our Board of Education, teachers and staff, our students, grandparents, citizens, the campaign committee who supported the plan adopted by the BOE, friends and family. I especially want to thank three ladies who have supported me behind the scenes and publicly: my wife Lisa and my daughters Madison and Molly.

I am confident that the great people of Davie County will now pull together and move forward in a positive direction. We are all neighbors and friends; we are Davie County! 
I have already been in touch with our architect, our attorney, and the county manager and we have things in motion. We will bring updates to the Board and the community through School Matters as things progress. Our goal is to open the New Davie County High School in the Fall of 2017!
Fuller and Owens Reelected
I want to congratulate Chairman Chad Fuller and Barbara Owens for being reelected to the Board of Education. They will begin their new four-year term in July 2014. Both of these fine people have shown true leadership over the past six years. I look forward to many more exciting times ahead with the leadership of Mr. Fuller and Mrs. Owens!
Barrett and Ferguson Win Primary for Board of Commissioners
Congratulations to Dan Barrett and John Ferguson who will run unopposed and will become county commissioners after the November 2014 election. I am confident that these men will dedicate their time and service to making Davie County a better place to work, learn, and live together, and will support the mission of Davie County Schools in a positive way.
Graduations Coming Up
Make plans for graduations!
Davie County Early College High School: May 24
Davie County High School: June 7 

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