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Friday, September 15, 2017 - Accountability Results 2016-17

September 15, 2017

Davie County Schools saw an increase in schools that Exceed Growth Expectations in 2016-17, and a slight increase in performance on End of Grade and End of Course tests.  The North Carolina READY Accountability Results were presented to the NC State Board of Education on September 7, 2017.  An executive summary was presented that explained the model and went over a statistical summary of state performance.  School and district data also became available at this time.

The READY Accountability model looks at Participation, Performance and Growth of schools in NC and then assigns a letter grade calculated from eighty percent performance and twenty percent growth measures.

Participation goals for each district are to include 95% or more of each student group in every achievement measure.  Student groups include all racial and gender groups, plus other special student groups such as Exceptional Children and English Learners.  Davie County Schools met 100% of these participation goals, joining 88.6% of schools across North Carolina that also met all participation goals.

Performance is reported in two different measures – Grade Level Proficiency (GLP) and College and Career Ready (CCR).  Every End of Grade and End of Course test receives an Achievement Level from 1 to 5.  Achievement levels of 3 or higher are considered Grade Level Proficient, while levels of 4 or higher are considered College and Career Ready.  Both the GLP and CCR proficiency in Davie County Schools increased again slightly in 2016-17, with the GLP going from 63.8% to 63.9%, and the CCR going from 53.6% to 54.6%.  These averages place Davie County Schools in the top 20% of the state.

Grade Level Proficiency in math grew from 61.6% to 62% proficient and reading grew from 61.6% to 61.8%.  The state of North Carolina also saw increases in both math and reading, with math growing from 54.7% to 55.4% proficient and reading from 56.9% to 57.5% proficient.  Positive four year trends in the district for Grade Level Proficiency include the subjects of math in grades 4, 5, 6 and 7 and reading in grades 5 and 6.

Growth is another measure reported on the same End of Grade and End of Course tests.  It is measured by comparing students’ scores to their peers’ scores in the state and measuring the rate of increase.  There are three categories for growth:  Exceeded Growth Expectations, Met Growth Expectations, and Did Not Meet Growth Expectations.   Davie County Schools saw 82% of their schools meet or exceed expected growth in 2016-17. This percentage was the same as schools that met or exceeded growth in 2015-16, but the percentage of those that exceeded growth increased from 36% to 46%. In the state, 73.7% of schools met or exceeded growth. 

These measures are combined to create a School Performance Grade, reported as a letter grade(A-F).  The School Performance Grades are calculated using a formula comprised of 80% performance and 20% growth, and then put on a 15 point scale.  100% of Davie County Schools earned a C or higher, compared to 77% of schools in the state.  Nine percent of schools in the district earned an A, 36% earned a B, and 55% earned a grade of C.  These are the same results reported in 2015-16.

The READY accountability model includes other measures for high schools in addition to End of Course grades.  The ACT, which all juniors take every year, is measured by looking at the percentage of students who achieve a the lowest composite score that the UNC College system will accept.  68% of high school students in the district achieved this benchmark, down from 73.9% the previous year.  Across the state, 58.8% of students meet that composite score.  In both the district and the state, over 95% of students meet another measure, the completion of Math III.

ACT WorkKeys, the required test for all students graduating high school with a Career and Technical Education concentration, had their highest percentage of students ever earn a Silver certificate or better.  Almost 90% of those students in Davie County Schools met this goal.  Across the state, 73.3% of students earned a Silver certificate or above.

The last measure reported for high schools is the graduation rate of students.  Davie County Schools stayed steady with a four year graduation rate of 87.3%, and the five year graduation rate increased to 88.3%.  When looking at all high schools in the state, 86.5% of students graduated from high school in four years.

“Regardless of where they start, we want our students to grow academically every school year.  In 2016-17, 82% of our schools met or exceeded academic growth expectations set by the state.  Our students participate in state tests along their path to graduation and their proficiency in Davie County Schools was higher than the state average in every grade and subject tested.  Graduation from high school is culmination of the K-12 experience and is essential; 87.3% of our students graduated in 4 years or less.  While we are proud of the academic progress as measured by state tests, we have plenty of room for improvement.  We also recognize that the accountability results reported each year are only a snapshot of one day out of 180, and there are so many things our teachers are accomplishing with students that can never be measured by a standardized assessment.  I want to thank everyone in Davie County who invest their time and resources into our schools.  We will continue to partner with our community to make our public schools a national model.” - Dr. Darrin Hartness, Superintendent

 Accountability Results 2016-17 (PDF)

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