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January 21, 2016 - On Schedule for Completion in May 2017

Winter weather has slowed down some of the concrete and masonry work, but that is to be expected during the winter months. Electrical and mechanical installations continue, and the project is still on schedule for completion in May 2017.
We received confirmation in December that the conversion of the access road to the Davie County Youth Park (DC Little League park behind NDMS) was officially approved by both state officials and the National Park Service. War Eagle Drive to the new road to the park is open and the existing road has been closed. The contractor is proceeding with the construction of the stadium. Throughout the conversion process, we have communicated with the leadership of the Davie County Little League on this change and we appreciate their continued support. I also want to thank all of the staff in county government for working with us on the conversion process that took much longer than anyone ever anticipated. We are glad to receive approval and are moving forward.