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Professional Development

Renewal Credit Requirements

Credits Required for Licenses Expiring On or After - June 30, 2019

Credits Required for Licenses Expiring on June 30, 2019

3  Subject Area
3  Literacy
2  Digital Learning Competencies

Credits Required for Licenses Expiring on June 30, 2019

3  Subject Area
3  General
2  Digital Learning Competencies

Credits Required for Licenses Expiring on June 30, 2019

3  Executive's Role
3  General
2 Digital Learning Competencies

Providing teachers, staff, and administrators with personalized professional development that can be completed on their own time, in small groups or face to face.  Check out the offerings available at bit.ly/DCSPersonalPD 

District Professional Development: Instructor Led

Davie_Experience_6_Logo_.pngWe have begun to organize a Davie County Schools conference style event to be held on November 12, 2018. We are looking to make this years event better than last year and the sooner we have proposals, the sooner we can get to work planning.

You, the educators of the district, are invited to write brief proposals for concurrent sessions to share with your peers. These concurrent sessions will be 50 minutes long. You may wish to share a best practice, a successful program, a great model for student assessment, a marvelous multi-disciplinary lesson or unit plan, or any other practice, tip, or tool you believe will be useful to other educators in the district. Individuals, pairs, and teams are welcome and encouraged to submit a proposal and step out onto the limb of being a presenter at our local conference.  To submit a proposal, please complete the short registration form at  bit.ly/DE6Proposal

State Professional Development


The Piedmont Triad Education Consortium is a collaboration of sixteen K-12 public school districts and seventeen higher education institutions in central North Carolina. Consortium members have created a climate in which the strengths of each agency have joined together to become the power of one committed educational community. For more information visit Piedmont Triad Education Consortium

*Be sure to register with your principal and email Misty Hutchens at hutchensm@davie.k12.nc.us, with your request.  Misty will take care of registration.

Professional Development: FREE Online


Friday Institute: Register for Friday Institutes MOOC-Eds (Massive Open Online Courses for Educators)  find a course (or two!) that meets your professional learning needs and sign up by clicking the title of the course.  For more information on DCS requirements visit DCS Friday Institutes MOOC-Eds and Register at https://place.fi.ncsu.edu/