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NC PreK applications are for children who will turn four by August 31.

Davie County Schools child care and preschool services meet five-star facility requirements and serve children ages two through five years of age. The program provides for both special needs and typically developing children. Our lead teachers have a minimum of a 4-year degree in Early Childhood Education/ Birth to Kindergarten and our staff to child ratios are no more than one teacher to 9 children in each classroom. Teacher assistants have acquired Early Childhood Credentials and are working towards associate degrees in Early Childhood.

Central Davie Preschool
Five inclusive classrooms
1:6 staff-to-child ratio with a maximum 18 of children in each class (1 teacher and two assistants).

Developmental Early Learning class for ages 2-3
Developmental Readiness class for ages 3-4
Kindergarten Readiness classes for ages 4-5 (3 classrooms)

The application process determines eligibility which is administered by the Preschool Director, North Carolina Pre-kindergarten guidelines, or an IEP Team if the child has special needs.

Operating hours are 7:00 am - 4:50 pm and the rate is currently $540.00/month plus the cost of meals. For more information, contact Kay Ashley, Preschool Enrollment Data Manager at 751-0016. 

Preschool Classes at the Elementary School Sites
1:9 staff-to-child ratio with a maximum of 18 children in each class (1 teacher and one teacher assistant.)

Cooleemee Preschool
Cornatzer Preschool
Mocksville Preschool
Pinebrook Preschool
Shady Grove Preschool
William R. Davie Preschool

The application process determines eligibility which is administered by the Preschool Director and guidelines set forth by the NCPK State Program.

All sites have above a 5.0 on the Early Childhood Environment Rating Scales which is a minimum requirement by our Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE). Operating hours are 8:00 am -2:30 pm and the rate is currently $510.00/month plus the cost of meals. For more information, contact Kay Ashley at 751-0016.

For more information click NCPK⎮Free Placement or DCS⎮Private Pay

NCPK Application (PDF)

For a DCS Private Pay Application, call our CDEC Preschool office at 336・751・0016.

Preschool Arrival and Departure Times (Google Form)