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Welcome to the Department of Exceptional Children in Davie County Schools.  Thank you for visiting, and we hope the information you find here is helpful to you. 

Our goal is to provide appropriate educational opportunities to all children in our district who have a disability and are in need of special education services. Davie County Schools offer the full continuum of services in the least restrictive environment for all students eligible for special education. Programs and services range from Student and Teacher Consultative and Co-Taught Classrooms to Specialized Classrooms. Each of our schools provides services for students with mild disabilities.  Several schools house programs for students with moderate and severe disabilities and Davie County High School offers the full continuum.

Related services are provided when required to assist a child with a disability to benefit from special education.

Jennifer Custer
Exceptional Children's Director


Jackalyn White
Behavior Specialist 

Lydia McCabe
Compliance Specialist

Laura Sturgill
Program Specialist


Melinda Norman
Administrative Assistant to EC Director


336-751-2491 ⎮ Fax 336-751-3147
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Notice is hereby given that the Exceptional Children's Department of the Davie County School System intends to destroy selected inactive Exceptional Children records which are presently on file.  Materials to be destroyed psychological reports and special education records of individuals with a birth year between 1962 & 1995.  These records will be destroyed on or after June. 11, 2018.  Call (336) 751-2491 for additional information or to request copies of materials before their destruction.