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Digital Teaching and Learning

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Teams for Digital Learning
Davie County Schools has established two district teams to participate in the Digital Learning Initiative.

The District Teams for Digital Learning is focused on planning and leading local digital learning programs. The other is focused primarily on the implementation of the Digital Learning Competencies (DLCs) for Teachers and Administrators Team, as a follow-up to the DLC Summer Professional Learning, and is open to ALL districts.  

The District Team for Digital Learning Cohort 
A representative team consisting of up to 8 district leaders that will participate in district-based and collaborative activities focused on Leadership in Digital Teaching and Learning. 
Team Members: John Marshall, Butch Rooney, Donna McNeil, Hugh Lee, Sara Holbert, Sara Rhyne, Kelly Myers, and Heather Ratledge.

The Digital Learning Competency (DLC) Cohort 
Consists of district teams specifically targeted to the planning and implementation of the Digital Learning Competencies that begin in the 2017/2018 school year. 

DTL Team.jpgTeam Members: Sarabeth Holbert, Michelle Shue, Sara Rhyne, John Marshall, Heather Ratledge, Donna McNeil, Denise Absher and Ann Davis
(Not pictured: Jinda Haynes, Diane Ireland, Butch Rooney, and Hugh Lee)

Why Digital Teaching and Learning?
Digital teaching sparks curiosity and passion for learning while cultivating creative lifelong learners.

Davie County Schools will be working to develop a DCS Digital Learning Plan throughout the 2016-17 school year.  The goal of the Digital Learning Plan is to build upon the existing foundation to develop a coherent long-term strategy that sets directions and priorities, supports innovation, and provides resources to enable the State’s educators and students to benefit fully from digital-age teaching and learning

For information on the North Carolina Digital Teaching and Learning Plan, please visit http://ncdlplan.fi.ncsu.edu/

North Carolina Digital Learning - September 2016
Plan Summary
DETAILED Plan Summary 

Navigate the Digital Learning Competencies for Teachers
NCDPI and Davie County Schools are excited to announce that the North Carolina State Board of Education approved the Digital Learning Competencies for Classroom Teachers and School Administrators on June 2, 2016. These competencies will go into effect July 1, 2017. Throughout the 2016-2017 school year we will be piloting the competencies and providing professional learning opportunities across the state.

The intent of the competencies is for teachers to improve their practice as they integrate digital tools and resources to drive student learning within their classrooms. The four focus areas, within the teacher competencies, have been aligned to the Professional Teaching Standards and the Digital Learning Plan with a subset of competencies that help to explain and ‘unpack’ each area.

For more information about the Digital Learning Competencies, please visit bit.ly/NCDLCs

For more information about Digital Teaching and Learning contact:
John Marshall
Digital Teaching and Learning Coordinator