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Davie County High School STEM Center
What is the STEM Curriculum at Davie County High School?

Within the North Carolina Common Core and Essential Standards that was implemented in 2012-2013 across the state, the Davie High STEM Center curriculum will


  • emphasize connections within and between the fields of science, technology, engineering, math and all humanities classes including the arts.
  • integrate technology in meaningful, powerful ways.
  • introduce and engage students in the  Design Process.
  • foster college readiness and emphasize leadership skills.
  • offer unique enrichment experiences.

For more information visit the STEM Center at Davie County High School
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 How do I apply to the STEM Center at Davie County High School?
STEM Center Application Process 

IMPORTANT: Before you apply, be certain that you have read and understand how student acceptance into the Davie County High School STEM Center will be determined as presented in the brochure and within information meetings.  A STEM Center selection committee will review your:

  • Submitted application with written response
  • Feedback from three 8th grade teachers you select
  • EOG scores from 7th grade, current grades, attendance and behavior records

*In some cases, a brief interview may be conducted.

STEM Pipeline

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What is the purpose of the STEM Pipeline?
The purpose of this STEM Pipeline is to increase the interest of rising 7th grade students who fall in the 10% to 65% EVAAS range for passing high school Biology End of Course (EOC) test with a Level 3 or more. It also targets rising 7th grade students in the top 15% EVAAS range for passing high school Biology with a Level 5.  With the current population of students in the 6th grade at each of the three middle schools, 117 students fall in the 10% to 65% range, while 18 students fall in the top 15%.  The goal is to serve a cohort of 30 students with 20 in the lower academic range (10%-65%) and 10 in the upper academic range (85%-100%). This summer camp opportunity is by invite only.

Davie County Schools, in collaboration with Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, developed a STEM Pipeline for rising 7th grade students in order to increase interest and performance in STEM related studies leading into high school Biology. Through a Davie Community Foundation Grant, STEM Pipeline Summer Camp students engaged in two problem based learning activities (investigating two different forensic cases and designing/constructing model cars powered by electric motor using direct current from a solar cell ). Practicing 21st Century Skills (such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking), students worked together to respond to complex questions, problems, or challenges, and they created high-quality products and digital media presentations. The STEM Pipeline Summer Camp takes place at North Davie Middle School for two weeks in June under the direction and instruction of Emily Fanning, South Davie Middle School 7th grade science teacher. 


Davie County Schools Robotics Program


On April 22, 2016 Davie County Schools held its 6th Annual Robotics Competition at Davie County High School with the six elementary schools and three middle schools all competing in the event. This year’s elementary school theme was a throwback to the Mocksville Logistics Challenge. The elementary schools started the year with a skills challenge in November and a preview of the logistics challenge in February. The three Davie County middle schools competed in a brand new event. Teams engineered and built their EV3 robots to collect golf balls and return them to their assigned bin. Teams competed simultaneously on a three-dimensional table, avoiding obstacles and other teams to collect the most balls for the win. This competition incorporated remote control and the sumo wrestling aspect from the previous challenges this year. The three middle schools also participated in the Sumo, Dragster and Tug-of-War series in December and February. A total of 153 students from 9 schools (6 elementary and 3 middle) participated in competition or club teams. For more information visit Davie County Schools Robotics Program