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Wednesday, November 22 - No School for Students / Annual Leave Day

Wednesday, November 22 - No School for Students / Annual Leave Day

Returning Students

If you are new to Davie County Schools, click here!

Welcome back for another excellent year!

As school starts, we are asking all families to update their child's demographic and contact information so we can safely take care of your child at school.  This year, we will do this process online.  There are two ways to complete this process:

Option 1:   Use the PowerSchool Parent Portal to access your child's records (coming soon!)


Option 2:  Use a "snapcode" provided to you by the school through letter or email (coming soon!)

Option 1

PS Parent Portal Login Screen.PNG

Not only can PowerSchool Parent Portal be used to access your child's grades and attendance, but also to update your student's information! 

If you do not have a Parent Portal account, you can proceed to Option 2 or visit your child's school to set it up.

If you have a Parent Portal account but forgot your username or password, please click on the "Forgot Username or Password?" link on the login page .

If your Parent Portal account is in good working order, you are all set!  Please follow these steps to complete the process:

1. Login to your PowerSchool Parent Portal account at http://davie.powerschool.com or from the Portals menu at http://davie.k12.nc.us.

2. Choose the Returning Student Registration menu item on the left Parent Portal PSR menu item.PNG

3. Enter your child's date of birth and then click on Continue.

4.  Answer all the questions in the form.  You will also have the opportunity to pay your fees online.  If you have only one child in Davie County Schools, you are finished!

5.  If you have another child in Davie County Schools, you must update their information as well.  In Parent Portal, choose your other's child's name at the top left of the screen, directly under the PowerSchool logo.

PSPP Student Names.PNG

6. Once you have selected your other child's name, click on the Returning Student Registration link again.  The website should ask you if you want to "snap" over common information from the first child - this will save you time!  You will still input information that is individual to each child such as health history or permissions.  

7. Repeat this for each of your children.

If you do not see your other children's names at the top of the Parent Portal screen, you will need to visit their school to get the information to add them.  You could also follow Option 2 to update their information.

Option 2

You should have received an email or a letter from your school that contains a "snapcode".  Please make sure you have that information available to you and follow these steps to update your child's information:

  1. Click on one of the links below to access the update form

    Online Enrollment (English)

    Inscripción en Línea (Español)
    1.  Enter the "snapcode" provided to you in the email or letter
      1.  Answer all questions in the form to complete the process.  You will also have the opportunity to pay your fees online.
    1. If you have more than one child, you should have received a letter or email with a "snapcode" for each one of them.  After you submit, please click on the option to do an additional returning student registration. They system will ask if you want to "snap" common information to the new form.  This will save you time! 
  1. Repeat for each of your children.