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County Transfers

Your child is only allowed to transfer from one school district to another within the county if you have moved and your new address is located inside the different school district or if you have applied for reassignment.  If you need to find your new school district, please use the Transportation Webquery.

If you have moved, please call your new school for an appointment.  All school contact information is on this page.  Bring the following documents to your appointment:

Proof of Residency: Students are assigned to schools based on where their parent or legal custodian lives. Parent/legal custodian must show proof of residency with one of the following:

- Mortgage/Lease/Rental Contract
- Utility Bill (water, electric, gas, cable, land-line phone)

Driver’s License of Parent/custodial guardian (Picture ID is acceptable)

If you have not provided one to your previous school, a Certified Copy of Birth Certificate (NCGS 115C-364 states a certified copy is required for enrollment)

Once you have completed this appointment, you will need to complete the online enrollment forms.   

                            English Forms

                            Spanish Forms

             Having Trouble? - Chat Support

If you already have an account from a previous enrollment you can use the same login information.  If you do not have internet access at home, then you can visit the public library or your school to access the websites.