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Academically & Intellectually Gifted

 Elementary School AIG Specialists Assignments 2020-2021

Kerri Wall - Cooleemee and Mocksville
Mary Lynn Bullins - William R. Davie and Cornatzer
Laura Martin - Pinebrook and DCS Virtual
Tammy Essic - Shady Grove

Middle School AIG Specialists Assignments 2020-2021

Tonya Kerr - North Davie 
Jill Gaither - South Davie 
Pam  Cook - William Ellis

AIG Program - Brochure

Local AIG Plan 2019-2022

2020 - 2021 School Year - Update

All AIG candidates and AIG identified students are receiving a mix of in person and virtual services this school year while still adhering to the 2019-2022 AIG Plan.  AIG Specialists are also supporting students and teachers in DCS Virtual.

AIG Specialists will be providing information on AIG services at each school.  Letters for elementary students have been mailed home and letters from middle school will be mailed soon. An informational slide show from the elementary and middle school AIG Specialists will be posted on this page.  The slide show will also be posted on the middle school webpages.

Parent / Student Informational Slideshows

AIG Advisory

In order to communicate information about AIG, promote parent involvement and advocacy,  and to encourage parents to help gather and share information with others in the community,  an AIG Advisory has been formed and meets twice during the school year. Advisory members include AIG Specialists, regular classroom teachers, school administrators, and parents of AIG students. 

The AIG Advisory will still meet both this fall and this spring.  If interested in serving on the Advisory, please contact the AIG Specialist assigned to your school.

AIG Local Endorsement Course

To improve teachers’ preparedness and credentials for AIG instruction, a 30-hour hybrid course is available to meet local AIG requirements.  Teachers who are interested should contact Cherri White at whitec@davie.k12.nc.us.

Resources for Parents and Students  (also on school websites)