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Renewal Credits Form (PDF)
Please submit one form, along with a copy of the grade or certificate of completion/attendance, for each successfully completed course or workshop with 1 CEU/renewal credit (10 clock hours of credit) or more.

School Improvement Form (PDF)
The school improvement form is used to log credits that are less than 1 CEU/renewal credit (less than 10 clock hours). It should be submitted to your principal/supervisor at the end of the school year.

National Boards Renewal Credits Form (PDF)
With completion of the National Board Certification process, you will earn 7.5 renewal credits. These credits can be used in your current renewal cycle or entered for the next cycle. The renewal credits are assigned with 1 technology credit, 1 NCLB credit, 1 literacy method credit and 1 academic credit. Turn in a National Board Renewal Credits form when you have completed the NBPTS process, whether achieving certification or not, or when you renew your certification. You will earn 2 renewal credits when completing the National Board renewal process.

Instructors Prior Approval Form (PDF)
Instructors complete and submit this form for local workshops of 1 CEU or more. Workshops less than 1 CEU do not need prior approval.

Individualized Credits Form (PDF)
Under certificate renewal guidelines, teachers may arrange to earn certificate renewal credit on an individual basis.
Individualized Credits Form

Procedure for Granting Cooperating Teachers and Intern Supervisors Credits (PDF)
Davie County Schools will grant continuing education/renewal credit to cooperating teachers and intern supervisors.  You will be eligible for this credit once during your current five-year renewal cycle.