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• All classified employees must sign-in and sign-out.
• All certified employees must sign-in.
• Employees cannot sign-in or sign-out for other employees; if you do so, it is cause for dismissal.
• If the TimeKeeper system is down, certified staff must complete a time adjustment form to sign-in; classified staff must see their payroll secretary to sign-in or sign-out.
• If an employee forgets to sign-in or sign-out, they must complete a time adjustment form and present it to their supervisor for approval; excessive forgetfulness will be documented and made a part of your personnel file at the school or administrative level.
• Classified employees must not report to work or sign-in prior to their scheduled start time.
• Classified employees must sign-out at their scheduled end time for each day and must not work past this set time.
• Unless an employee leaves their building for work-related duties, all certified and classified staff must sign-out if they leave prior to the end of their scheduled workday.
• Employees can look at their timesheet at any time and it is recommended they review it at the end of the day each Thursday to review the hours worked for the week and verify they have worked the hours they were scheduled.  If an employee works over their scheduled hours, they will need to work less hours on a Friday so they do not accumulate overtime, and if they are under, they will need to complete a leave form for the time they were under.
• All employees must approve their time sheet by the required cutoff date.
• All employees must print a copy of their timesheet and deliver it to their supervisor for review and approval.
• All employees must complete a leave form and designate the reason for their absence if they do not report for work.
• All leave and adjustment forms must be turned into the payroll secretary.
• Payroll secretaries must forward their leave and adjustment forms to the payroll department.
• Payroll supervisor must forward her leave and adjustment forms to the finance officer.
1. What is TimeKeeper and why are we required to use it?  TimeKeeper is a software package that provides paperless electronic timesheets and absence recording that complies with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA).
2. How do I obtain an employee number and/or pin number?  After you have been approved for employment by the Davie County Board of Education and you have met with the human resource department, you will be set up in the TimeKeeper system and given an employee number and a 4-digit pin number of 9999.  This 4-digit pin number can and should be changed by the employee.
3. What if I forget my employee number and/or pin number?  You should notify your school bookkeeper or the payroll department to get your numbers.